Exposition << De la Tête au Pied >>  

Center of Modern Art at Salzburg in Austria from July 22nd - September 18th, 2010.


Etienne Gallery in Holland from April 3rd - May 9th, 2010.


Realization of << Notre Victoire Olympique >>  

At Morzine in Haute Savoie, monument of 4.50m realized in hommage to the victory of Jean Vuarnet at the Olympic Games in Squaw Valley in 1960.

CANALBLOG - Jean Vuarnet à l'honneur - 13 avril 2010 (French)

LE FIGARO - Jean Vuarnet, l'homme qui a «fait l'œuf» - 12 février 2010 (French)

Media -- Deco 8  

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Interview with Gilles Chabrier for Deco 8 on Direct 8, France

Media -- Cigale TV  

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Sept. 2009

Exhibition until January 24th,2010  

100% Faits-Main Les Grands Ateliers de France -- Villa Demoiselle à Reims

Late Night Opening, Paris - Totems Luminieux  

Gallery Matignon Léadouze -- June 2009

Media - Luxe TV  

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Interview with Gilles Chabrier for Luxe TV.